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Spoiled Girl Collection was founded by Chasyte R. Brennan, M.B.A., in January of 2017.  Ms. Brennan attended Clark-Atlanta University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Communications in May of 2014. After graduation, she worked as an underwriter for Fortune 100 Insurance Firm but shortly discovered that she had a greater penchant to launch her own company within the beauty industry. So, while working with the insurance firm, Ms. Brennan launched Spoiled Girl Collection where she began servicing clients at her home-based studio after normal business hours and on the weekend and shipping products across the country.  All of this was being accomplished while raising her 2-year-old son. 


Her vision was never merely to be a lash tech.  From the onset of the business, Ms. Brennan decided to become a lash tech product supplier as well.  Armed with Millennial age social media expertise, she began marketing and promoting her company primarily through social media channels she personally created. Through her own self-will, determination, and dynamic marketing processes, Ms. Brennan shortly discovered demand had increased to point where she was trending to earn more as a part-time entrepreneur than her salary dictated as a full-time employee. Filled with cautious optimism, she took the plunge by leaving her Fortune 100 safety net to assume full-time responsibilities with Spoiled Girl Collection. The resulting business was explosive. So much so that not even an unprecedented worldwide pandemic and global job loss deterred her momentum.  Ms. Brennan and Spoiled Girl Collection were each on fire.


Since then, Ms. Brennan’s accomplishments have gained both public and published notoriety all while continuing to participate in small business bootcamps and finding the time to launch an online movement focused on encouraging and mentoring other young mothers with entrepreneurial aspirations ironically titled “Mommypreneur.”  She educates lash tech enthusiasts and professionals on techniques for improving lash application, lash maintenance, and studio/booth sanitation. She is also a distinguished member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated - a sorority focusing in large part on serving the community and improving the mindset and life expectations of other young women of color.


Most recently, Ms. Brennan received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in October of 2020 from Columbia Southern University. 

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