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Shop from our line of Premium hand made volume lash trays or our most shopped Easy fanning volume lash trays! From lash trays, adhesive, tweezers, volume glue rings and so much more! We cater to all of our SPOILED lash bosses!

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Lash Products


Whether you are a beginner lash tech or someone who has been lashing for years, Spoiled Girl Collection has all of your lashing needs and essentials. We offer premium Lash trays at affordable prices. Our lash trays are made with the most updated synthetic fibers that are super fluffy and soft when fanned out. Our premium lash trays paired with our fiber tweezers have become a fan favorite! While other companies carry 12 line trays, all of our trays come with 16 lines allowing you to lash more clients from one tray! We also carry ultra fast drying lash adhesive to help decrease lash time affording all of our lash techs the opportunity to lash more clients in a day! If you are looking to up your lash game, experience greater retention, and shop for all your lash needs in one place, look no further! You are officially a SPOILED GIRL!


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